Psalm 139:5 – “You hem me in…”

Do you remember when you were little and  used to look for shapes in the clouds?  To lay in my backyard of grass warmed by the summer sun: this was one of my favorite hobbies.

While riding in the car with my brother, I looked through the window.  Instantly, I was reminded of this pastime when I saw the sky.  “It’s a dove!” I exclaimed, and I scrambled to get my camera before a cluster of buildings would soon block my view.

Don’t you just love how God blesses us with reminders of His constant presence?  Even through the artful collaboration of the clouds, God was giving me a reminder of the true meaning of hope and the joy for which I have to smile.

“You hem me in, behind and before,

and lay your hand upon me.”

Psalm 139:5

Behind us and before us: God is always there.  No matter where we are or what we are doing, He is there.  If we need help remembering, we may just need to gaze at the cotton-ball clouds above us while sitting at a red light.


Painting a crater in the moon…

While driving to my friend’s apartment, I saw the moon, and it–literally–took my breath away.  I was so glad that I had brought my camera along with my larger lens because I pulled over on the road and took a picture of the moon right there!  I climbed out of my car through the sun-roof and took this picture.  I’ll tell you what, too, I don’t even care that I probably looked ridiculous sitting on top of Annie the Accord in order to take this picture.

Here recently, I’ve been writing quite a bit about how God has been revealing His beauty to me, but remember this.  That is exactly what I had been praying for last week!  Look now.  Don’t you see how abundantly He has provided examples of His beauty, too?

Tonight when I saw that moon, it was as if I heard God say, “Sissy, look at this moon I created!  Do you see those craters?  I painted the lines of each and every single one of those just for you to enjoy!”

Find your enjoyment in God and His beauty.  When the day comes when this world passes away, these moments–the times in which we look at God and His creation and say, ‘God, thank you for showing me just how much You love me through revealing Your beauty,’–will be all that we have to take with us.

Who knows, maybe once we reach heaven, we’ll get to enter His painting room and actually get to paint a crater in the surface of the moon…


10:30 pm

11:30 pm

5:30 am

6:00 am

6:00 am