open eyes, ready ears, and eager lips to sing His praise!




At the beach there are constant reminders of God’s greatness.  From his attention to minute details to his ability to organize the whole macrocosm, I stand in awe of God’s glory and power.  He colors the grains of sand and yet He also designed the whole system of waves, the tides, the movement of the sun, etc. to all work together.


God is the Creator of both the crashing waves and also the barnacles.  He is so worthy that even the rocks would cry out in praise to Him (Luke 19:40).

So often we praise God for His love for us, and while that is good and true, what about the other, awesome traits of God?  What about his justice?  What about his wrath?  What about his power?  What about his wisdom?  What about his stature outside of space and time?

If you would like to read even more about his awesomeness revealed through creation, please read Job 38-39.  Actually I highly recommend that all of us read it.  We may seem high and mighty in the midst of our worldly pursuit and ambition, but catching a glimpse of the Almighty God should bring us right back to our knees and compel us to praise our Creator!  After all, from Him alone comes every good and perfect thing. (James 1:17).

Let’s be praying for

open eyes to see his majesty,

ready ears to hear his voice, and

eager lips to sing his praise!

Praying your day is filled with SONshine,

Sarah. signature

Singing His praise and a taste of spring already!

“Bless the Lord, O my soul!

O Lord my God, you are very great!

You are clothed with splendor and majesty,

covering yourself with light as with a garment,

stretching out the heavens like a tent…

He set the earth on its foundation,

so that it should never be moved…

O Lord, how manifold are your works!

In wisdom have you made them all;

the earth is full of your creatures.

May the glory of the Lord endure forever;

May the Lord rejoice in his works,

who looks on the earth and it trembles,

who touches the mountains and they smoke!

I will sing to the Lord as long as I live;

I will sing praise to my God while I have being.

May my meditation be pleasing to him,

for I rejoice in the Lord.”

Psalm 104:1-2, 5, 24, 31-34

May you hear God’s creation singing His praises this week, and

May you sing as long as you have your being!

Japanese Magnolia outside of “The Bakery”

Mississippi State University

(…if only I could live and serve here on this campus forever ! )

February 8, 2012

Psalm 118:28-29

“You are my God, and I will give thanks to you;

you are my God; I will extol you.

Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good;

for his steadfast love endures forever!”

Psalm 118:28-29

Thanks be to God for all of His wonderful and many blessings!  My best friend got into dental school on Thursday which has been something that we’ve been faithfully praying about for the past year.  Another friend that I’ve made told me on Tuesday that her mom doesn’t have breast cancer anymore.  God is good, so good.  Today, I even praise God for the beautiful African Violets that seem to smile at me as I study for finals and write the 5 papers that I have left (22 pages left to write…. God help me! haha)

What will you thank God for today?

Praying your day is filled with Sonshine,

Sarah 🙂

What song are you singing?

What song are you singing?

When I first ask this question, you may think I’m asking about the song you sing in the shower or the one that you love to blare in your car.  I definitely have those songs myself, but this morning, I’m talking about a different song…. a “Life-song.”

The other morning, a friend sent me a text message, and all that it said was, “Psalm 40:1-3.”  Here’s what the passage says:

“I waited patiently for the Lord;

he inclined to me and heard my cry.

He drew me up from the pit of destruction,

out of the miry bog,

and set my feet upon a rock,

making my step secure.

He put a new song in my mouth,

a song of praise to our God.

Many will see and fear,

and put their trust in the Lord.

Psalm 40:1-3

Isn’t that passage great?  Think about it this way…

Notice the very first line of the passage…. I waited patiently for the Lord…  That is the ONLY action that the Psalmist did on his own.  Everything else is what the Lord did: inclined to him, drew him out, set his feet on solid ground, and put a song of PRAISE in his mouth.

Why did the Lord do all of this?  Look at the last line… “Many will see and fear, and put their trust in the Lord!”  God brings us out of the pit and puts a new song in our mouthes because He uses us to bring others to Him.  He takes our our everyday, ordinary life full of sadness and sin, and He turns our cries into songs of praise for Him!  He puts a song in our mouthes, telling others what true Life is, so that they too will know the Lord.

Here’s my question for you today…

Is the song you’re singing through the life you’re living causing others to put their trust in the Lord?

What song are you singing?