open eyes, ready ears, and eager lips to sing His praise!




At the beach there are constant reminders of God’s greatness.  From his attention to minute details to his ability to organize the whole macrocosm, I stand in awe of God’s glory and power.  He colors the grains of sand and yet He also designed the whole system of waves, the tides, the movement of the sun, etc. to all work together.


God is the Creator of both the crashing waves and also the barnacles.  He is so worthy that even the rocks would cry out in praise to Him (Luke 19:40).

So often we praise God for His love for us, and while that is good and true, what about the other, awesome traits of God?  What about his justice?  What about his wrath?  What about his power?  What about his wisdom?  What about his stature outside of space and time?

If you would like to read even more about his awesomeness revealed through creation, please read Job 38-39.  Actually I highly recommend that all of us read it.  We may seem high and mighty in the midst of our worldly pursuit and ambition, but catching a glimpse of the Almighty God should bring us right back to our knees and compel us to praise our Creator!  After all, from Him alone comes every good and perfect thing. (James 1:17).

Let’s be praying for

open eyes to see his majesty,

ready ears to hear his voice, and

eager lips to sing his praise!

Praying your day is filled with SONshine,

Sarah. signature


Painting a crater in the moon…

While driving to my friend’s apartment, I saw the moon, and it–literally–took my breath away.  I was so glad that I had brought my camera along with my larger lens because I pulled over on the road and took a picture of the moon right there!  I climbed out of my car through the sun-roof and took this picture.  I’ll tell you what, too, I don’t even care that I probably looked ridiculous sitting on top of Annie the Accord in order to take this picture.

Here recently, I’ve been writing quite a bit about how God has been revealing His beauty to me, but remember this.  That is exactly what I had been praying for last week!  Look now.  Don’t you see how abundantly He has provided examples of His beauty, too?

Tonight when I saw that moon, it was as if I heard God say, “Sissy, look at this moon I created!  Do you see those craters?  I painted the lines of each and every single one of those just for you to enjoy!”

Find your enjoyment in God and His beauty.  When the day comes when this world passes away, these moments–the times in which we look at God and His creation and say, ‘God, thank you for showing me just how much You love me through revealing Your beauty,’–will be all that we have to take with us.

Who knows, maybe once we reach heaven, we’ll get to enter His painting room and actually get to paint a crater in the surface of the moon…


10:30 pm

11:30 pm

5:30 am

6:00 am

6:00 am

My first meal in Heaven…


I love to picture my first meal in Heaven.  In my resurrected body, I’ll stand with poise and perfect posture, a smile from ear to ear, as I breathe in deeply, taking in every essence of Heaven.  Air filled with the smell of blooming flowers–the sweetest wildflowers I’ve ever seen–I’ll even be able to taste them on my tongue.

Children’s laughter will ring in the air, so contagious that we ourselves will all begin to laugh, as well.  Away from the earth–from disease, frustrated joints and bodies, and even lactic acid that used to give us muscle cramps–we’ll play with those children until we all collapse in the field of green grass.  A lawn that spans over creation, we’ll run our fingers through that grass and wonder what they used to make it so green.  “Scotts or Miracle Grow?” Then, we’ll laugh and say, “If only we had known what true Miracle Grow could do…”

A table will be set before us, but then again, maybe we’ll just have a picnic on a hand-me-down quilt.  From all corners of our previous world, all of us–people from every nation, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status–will sit and enjoy the fellowship of all of our new family and friends–now brothers and sister in our single, Heavenly body.  Maybe we’ll all speak a new, Heavenly language, too.  Then again, maybe we’ll all speak every, single language in the world!

By the time I realize that I can speak Spanish, Swahili, French, Italian, Chinese, and even English with a Brooklyn accent–something I’ve always wanted to do–it will be time to eat our first, Heavenly meal together.  Somehow, I bet we’ll all be able to sit in God’s lap or with His Holy arms around our all of His creation’s holy bodies.  On this side of Heaven, I don’t know how that’s possible, but I bet He does already.

And then, it will finally be time to receive His blessing for the meal. Heavenly voices will ring all throughout creation.  A silence of awe will fall over us, but not for long…  Laughter of true joy will erupt once more after God says, “Now…Let’s dig in!”  I’ll eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and when strawberry jelly oozes out and onto my white dress, it won’t even leave a stain…