Compelled’s Leap of Faith: A New Look and Style!

Would you like to hear some exciting news?  Compelled is over a year old now!  With this being said, it’s time to take a step out into “the blogging world.”    It’s time for a new look and a new style!

While this blog will still have devotionals and testimonies of God’s work in my life and the lives of friends and family, there are so many other ways that He is present in our lives.  There are many ways in which God’s love compels us–through music, art, quotes, books, photography, cooking for others, funny stories, etc.  In this new era of my blog, these are the areas which I will explore.  As you continue to visit (please 😉 ), you’ll discover that I will be posting more regularly, too!

Thank you so much for following me and Compelled while I have been testing the waters of writing and blogging.  It’s going to be much more work now, especially while balancing work and school, but I trust that God will provide!  Now that I am diving in headfirst, I pray that you will enjoy and feel compelled by God’s love in the ripples that follow this leap of faith.  What a leap it will be!

Thanks again so much.  Always remember that God is love, and He is always good.

Praying your day is filled with Sonshine,

sweet sarah 🙂