Here come the school buses!

¡Buenos días!  Good morning 🙂

Starting this week, I began to see a lot of these around town…

A school bus photographed in New York, New Yor...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That’s right!  It’s time for school again.  With this start of the academic school year, there’s something much greater going on than the end of summer and back-to-school shopping deals.  It marks the start of another fundamental step in the development of the children today, the leaders of tomorrow…

One of the realities of the beautiful picture of the Church is this: we are human individuals that are transformed into integral members of a living, breathing, and spiritual body.  The Church extends past the building that you may go to for worship on Sunday morning.  It is global, and yet it is local.  Every member is dependent on the others, and the body can only fully function when ALL of its members are working together.

So how does this relate with seeing school buses driving around town?

As believers and followers of Jesus Christ, we have a responsibility to pray for teachers and students, principals and coaches, cafeteria and janitorial staff, secretaries and counselors, etc.  May our brothers and sisters in Christ that teach raise up within their classrooms and bring glory to God through the way that they discipline, instruct, encourage, and more.  May students be molded and inspired to learn, dream, and ask questions.  Even through secular, public school education, may God make His presence, authority, and authorship of Creation known.  After all, there’s no scientific method or math theory that will gain for us a human intelligence that even comes close to the knowledge and wisdom of the Alpha and Omega, God the Father of Jesus Christ.

2 Corinthians 5.17-18

Through faith in Jesus Christ, we have been brought into a right relationship with God.  Now it must be our mission to continue this ministry of bringing everything into a right relationship with Him too!  We’ll talk about this more later, so come back to hear more about the ministry of reconciliation!

As for now though, let’s be praying for the start of another school year!

Praying your day is filled with Sonshine,

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