open eyes, ready ears, and eager lips to sing His praise!




At the beach there are constant reminders of God’s greatness.  From his attention to minute details to his ability to organize the whole macrocosm, I stand in awe of God’s glory and power.  He colors the grains of sand and yet He also designed the whole system of waves, the tides, the movement of the sun, etc. to all work together.


God is the Creator of both the crashing waves and also the barnacles.  He is so worthy that even the rocks would cry out in praise to Him (Luke 19:40).

So often we praise God for His love for us, and while that is good and true, what about the other, awesome traits of God?  What about his justice?  What about his wrath?  What about his power?  What about his wisdom?  What about his stature outside of space and time?

If you would like to read even more about his awesomeness revealed through creation, please read Job 38-39.  Actually I highly recommend that all of us read it.  We may seem high and mighty in the midst of our worldly pursuit and ambition, but catching a glimpse of the Almighty God should bring us right back to our knees and compel us to praise our Creator!  After all, from Him alone comes every good and perfect thing. (James 1:17).

Let’s be praying for

open eyes to see his majesty,

ready ears to hear his voice, and

eager lips to sing his praise!

Praying your day is filled with SONshine,

Sarah. signature

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