Praying to the Savior King

As I sit here in the union on the bustling campus of MSU, I love to just sit and watch.  What a humbling experience it is to step back from my own life and watch the orchestra of life around me.  Listening to “Rey Salvador” (Savior King) by Hillsong, I witness this miracle–the diversity and the complexity of life represented by each face and yet the simplicity of the Truth that reigns over all: Jesus is the Savior King…

The meaning of the Spanish lyrics are different than the English version, so let me translate…

“Los debiles pueden decir fuerte soy en aquel que resucitó por mí

  • The weak can say, “I am strong in Him that was resurrected on my behalf”

los pobres confiesan hoy mi esperanza está en él; bendecido estoy

  • The poor confess today, “My hope is in Him.  I am blessed”

Que arda en nuestra corazón un fuego que consuma todo por mí

  • What burning in our hearts, a fire that consumes everything in me

y con los cielos cantaré eres el Rey

  • And with the heavens I will sing, “You are the King”

Te amo Dios

  • I love you, God

Te adoraré 

  • I adore you

Eres Señor

  • You are Lord

Solo tú eres fiel..

  • Only you are faithful


He is faithful, and those that have hope in Him–that trust Him and are certain of His promises–are blessed.  In the midst of it all, Jesus is the King, and He is the Savior.  He is the fountain of Living Water.  He is the embodiment of the strength and power of the resurrection.  He is a passionate fire that engulfs the hearts of His children.  Through all, in all, over all: He is.

Dearest Heavenly Father, How great you are!  You are Savior, and You are King.  You are everything!  In the chaos of this life, may I lose myself in the fire of your love and power.  Consume my doubts and fears, Lord.  Like the chaff among the wheat, burn every impurity until all that is left of me is you.  You are faithful, even when I am not.  I am weak and poor, God, but in you I find strength.  All praise and glory be to you, Father…

Praying your day is filled with SONshine,

Sarah 🙂

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