Living within the hem

While staring into the numerous faces of my students just the other morning, I learned a valuable lesson about teaching, even living.

We long for a boundary.

With that sentence I may have lost the approval of fellow outdoorsmen and hikers.  Even the most adventurous hiker though, needs to know basic limitations to ensure his survival.  We put pictures in frames.  Countries have borders.  Just as I learned through teaching, not only do we need to have the basic requirements of a project, but we crave for the bigger picture.  Deep down we desire  to see the scope of what we’re doing and how it will fit within the much greater masterpiece that we call life.

The amazing part is that God created us to be exactly that way!  He gave us His Law in order that we would know His requirements to living a perfect life, to live free from sin.  Remember, His Law is an expression of love, too.  “Do not steal, do not murder, do not commit adultery, honor your father and your mother, remember the Sabbath, etc.”  Following the Ten Commandments protect us and others from the ravaging wages of sin: death.

Yet there is another way that God gives us a boundary to preserve and protect our lives…

He is the boundary.

Close your eyes and think of this image, there is no place that you can ever be away from the presence of God.  His presence encompasses all of the earth, and there is no place to which you can run and escape the palm of His hand.

Rest in this truth today… Rest in the presence of the Lord!  Live within the hem.

Praying your day is filled with SONshine,

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