The responsibility of devotion

“Oh, let us prove our gratitude by our devotion, and live as those who, having claimed a privilege, are willing to take the responsibility connected with it.” Charles Spurgeon

This quote was the very last line in my nighttime devotional yesterday, and even as I get ready to read tonight’s, those words still hang heavy in my mind. There was something about the wording of that sentence that made me stop and reread it over and over… And over again. Now after a very hectic night at the restaurant, I sit at my kitchen table and, once again, read that quote. But now I have a newfound appreciation!

After becoming a believer in Christ and receiving the Holy Spirit, we truly claim a privilege. After all, the Holy Spirit comes to DWELL inside those that believe. That’s incredible and certainly is a reason to demonstrate our gratitude through the way that we live devoted to God! What’s the exchange though? We submit to Him and live as His hands and feet. We share His smile and words of welcome to others, even those that human judgement may consider undeserving. We become the tangible evidence of the love that God has for His children, and that’s an incredible opportunity AND responsibility.

Tonight I hope that you’ll think about that quote by Spurgeon and think of how it relates to you. Maybe even leave a comment with your thoughts!

Thanks so much for reading!
Praying that even your night is filled with SONshine,
Sarah 🙂

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