Blog update and “Is Jesus enough for you?”

Hi, dear readers!  I’m so excited to be writing you today with some awesome news… “Compelled” is getting a new style!  Over the past few days especially, I have been thinking and praying about this blog, and I have some new ideas.  Hopefully they will all be ways in which, I pray, God will be glorified even more through the blog and reach more people!  Every day but Sunday, I will be posting, and each day will have a certain theme.  Please continue to visit the blog, especially now as it is getting ready to take greater shape and form! Without any further ado…

-Message Monday-

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for


for they shall be filled.”

Matthew 5:6

 We all are hungry.  We all thirst for something.  Even though eating our favorite meal and drinking a cold glass of water may quench the hunger and thirst for a little while, eventually we will return to the table.  Hungry and thirsty, we will seek   to satisfy our growling stomachs, and we will be filled… but only for a little while…

But isn’t there another level of hunger for which we are seeking satisfaction?  Don’t we hunger and thirst, longing for something else to be completed in our lives… to make us feel full?  Often times, we go throughout the day seeking to be filled.  “If only I could just ___…” –you fill in the blank.

Yesterday when I went to church, I was fully aware that I was longing to have certain things fulfilled in my life.  As I sat in my seat, I anticipated with great expectations the sermon he would preach.  Shortly after beginning, he asked a question that shocked me.  Looking straight out into the mass of people yet as if he was looking directly at me, he asked this question: “Is Jesus enough for you?”

What a heart-stopping, breath-taking question!  You see, most days, I would be quick to say, “Yes! Jesus is MORE than enough,” but truthfully, my actions and desires would prove otherwise…

And this is the human condition: constantly hungry, constantly thirsty, constantly seeking.  But something amazing happens when man believes in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.  He is filled with the Holy Spirit!  The same Spirit that filled Solomon’s temple, that raised Jesus from death in the grave, that rushed down at Pentecost comes to dwell inside of the one who confesses his sin and desperate need for Jesus as his Savior.

Think about this!  Whether you are a believer or non-believer, this is an incredible truth!  We were created to live in union with our great God, and the Spirit is the way through which we can now stand and belong in this prefect union, even here on earth.  Maybe the reason why we continue seeking fulfillment is because we have forgotten what satisfaction really is.  Either we have not been filled with the Holy Spirit through believing, or we need to be reminded of the powerful presence of God’s Spirit within us.

If the Spirit of the God who created heaven, earth, and everything in between resides within us, what else could we ever want or need?  So today, I ask you this question…

“Is Jesus enough for you?”

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