Living in the Body of Love

Thank you so much, dear readers, for your patience in these past few days that I have not posted.  On Thursday morning, I had a freak accident while making coffee that left me with first and second degree burns on my face and arm.  In light of this accident, I have so many things to be thankful for, especially my friends and family.

Since Thursday, many friends have rallied around me with their thoughts, prayers, and even some treats like cookies or trips to get frozen yogurt.  What I learned from all of this is that there are friends that “stick closer than a brother” as Proverbs 18:24 says.  In other words, there are friends that love us more than just as a family member, but that also love us as they love their own bodies.  When we feel pain, they feel pain; when we rejoice, they rejoice; etc…

Isn’t this what the Church is all about?  The Church–all believers as the body of Christ–is composed to love one another and support one another as part of one, single body.  God infuses the body with love, and with that gift of love, we are able to love Him.  Because of our love for Him, we give His love to other people: those inside and outside of the body.  As we pour ourselves out in love, He continues to refill us and infuse us with His love, and the cycle continues.  But still, everything begins and ends with God pouring out His love for us…

Have we experienced this kind of love in the Body of Christ?  Is there someone around us that may need to experience this kind of love, especially today?  Are we a friend that sticks closer than a brother? That loves our friends as we love our own body?  Have you felt the renewal of God’s replenishing love after pouring it out for someone else?  We don’t have to cling to the love that He once gave us… it was meant to be given out over and over, so that we could experience the gift of receiving His love daily, hourly, even in the strain of every minute…  Is this the love that we are giving and receiving as the Body of Christ?

Praying your day is filled with SONshine,

Sarah 🙂


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