His bride’s new name…. and a birthday shout-out!


While waiting to go into my English class one day this week, I noticed a plague dedicating a classroom to a married couple.  “Doug Terreson Classroom. Made possible through the generosity of Mr. & Mrs. Doug Terreson…”  Since I’ve never met the Terreson family, I began to wonder who they were, whether they had both been alum of Mississippi State, etc.

When I tried to picture the Mrs. Doug Terreson, I couldn’t get beyond the image that I had pictured in my head of Mr. Doug.  After all, I didn’t even know what her first name was… Tracy?  Susan?   Allison?  In this way, it seemed that her identity before marriage was HIDDEN behind her new identity, her husband’s name.

It was then that I realized something amazing happens when a man and woman become groom and bride, husband and wife.  There truly is a submission as the bride leaves behind her last name, and even her first, and becomes one with her husband.  The bride is given a new name, that of her groom, and it’s his identity that she proudly claims as she claims herself “Mrs. (the bride of )_____.”

And as I was waiting in that hallway, I realized that I was a bride with a new name and identity–my life hidden in the name and identity of my groom.  Yes, I am only 20 and am not dating anyone, so how could it be that I’m a bride already?!  

I am a bride of Christ, and if you believe and love Jesus as your Lord and Savior, you, too, are His bride.

No longer am I just “Ms. Sarah Elizabeth Hollinger,” but all of us that believe Jesus Christ redeemed us with His great sacrifice on the cross and have been given new life through the Holy Spirit living within now have a new name:

“Mrs. Jesus of Nazareth

Son of Mary and Joseph the Carpenter,

Son of God,

the Way, the Truth, and the Life, 

mender of the broken, comforter of the widow,

servant of the slave, feeder of the hungry, father of the orphans, 

healer of the afflicted, finder of what’s lost, remember of the forgotten,

friend to the outcast, shelter of the homeless,

lover of the poor-in-spirit, giver of grace, singer of praises,

forgiver of all wrongdoings, weeper with those that weep,

comforter of those that mourn, Shepherd to the Father’s sheep,

protector of the endangered, counselor to those that falter,

sacrifice for the lowest of low,

sufferer of persecution and rejection,

Blessed in the eyes of God.”


Is this the Groom in whom your previous life is hidden in?  Are we servants to those that typically serve us–janitors, trash collectors, etc.?  Do we forgive when others hurt us?  Do we weep with others when they are sad?  Are we friends to the outcasts?  Do we sing God’s praises?  Do we love the lost and poor-in-spirit?  

And when God looks down from heaven,  does He look on us and say, “Ah yes, you are the beautiful bride of my Son, Jesus Christ…” ?

When we claim ourselves as the bride of Christ, I pray that we will also see that HIS Identity is the one in which we’re hidden.  I pray that our lives our living testaments to His name here on earth.


PS-  Happy Happy Birthday to my sweet cousin, Anna Grace!!!!


I loooovvvveeeee my sweet “big sister”!  She is always such a wonderful support, inspiration, and picture of what it means to be “a bride of Christ.”  She is an incredible, young lady, and I thank God daily for her and the example she has set.  A warrior in prayer and a giver of the best hugs ever, Anna Grace, I love you with all of my heart.  Please be praying for her and the wonderful band that she is in: Highroad III . Have a blessed birthday, Sweet AG!

One thought on “His bride’s new name…. and a birthday shout-out!

  1. What a great blog Sarah. I don’t get to read your blogs all that much because I have been real busy with school. You are a great inspiration to the world. 😃👍

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