“…and I will draw near to you.”

In the last post, I shared some verses to show what Scripture says about prayer.  Now with those characteristics of prayer in mind, I want to share with you what I learned through evaluating my prayer life…

For the past couple of months, I had this nagging feeling in my stomach.  Over and over, I would try to pinpoint what exactly it was and finally came up with the answer, “I need to pray more.”  While trying to pray more was good, a well-intentioned effort, why did the nagging feeling still persist?

“In return and in rest, you shall be saved…” Isaiah 30:15

“Draw near to me…” James 4:8

Before, I looked around and saw who or what needed prayer.  Now, I look within myself, and I can feel it… These situations or those people, they don’t just need words strung together and breathed out in a sentence deemed as “prayer.”  They, us, you, me, it: we all need our hearts turned to the Lord, seeking Him above all things.  That, in my humble opinion, is the highest purpose of prayer.

When prayer is constant, sincere, focused on others as well as ourselves, Spirit-filled, and done to us closer to God, well… I don’t have the words to describe the amazing workings of that kind of prayer, but I can certainly attest to its power.  Maybe it’s the emotions that are chocking me up right now, but I’m beginning to see prayer differently now than I ever have before…

On behalf of Gerry–my Mammaw–and our family, thank you so much for continuing to keep all of us in your thoughts and prayers.  I’m going to create a category named “Mammaw’s Updates” where all of the posts about her will be posted. Thank you again, and God is good.  He is always good…

“In the path of your judgements,

O Lord, we wait for you;

your name and remembrance are the desire of our soul.

My soul yearns for you in the night;

my spirit within me earnestly seeks you…”

Isaiah 26:8-9

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