Feeding Me, Feeding Mammaw

To all of the wonderful friends of my grandparents here in Grenada, thank you so much for the gift of food and prayer since she has returned home from the hospital!  As you can see, we have been blessed to receive all of this food, and it means so much that you have shown your love and friendship through providing us with meals that, otherwise, we would have been too busy to cook!  The picture above was the lunch spread of left overs.  I only ate peas and lima beans though so I could have some of this….



One of the biggest joys that I’ve had since coming to Grenada has been feeding Mammaw.  Whenever I was staying in the hospital with her, I would carefully watch the nurses, observing every step involved in the PEG tube feeding process.  And boy, let me assure you… it is a process, indeed!

Measure out 60 cc of warm water, shake the can of formula, unstop the end of the tube, insert the syringe, unclamp the tube, pull the plunger in the syringe to check for residue, push the liquid back (if less than 100cc), and clamp the tube.  Next, take out the syringe, replace the stopper on the end of the tube, take the plunger out of the syringe and set it aside.  Then, unstopper the tube, insert the syringe and secure it.  Pour in 30 cc of water and unclamp the tube, let it drain.  Pour in formula and let it drain.  Continue pouring the formula in the syringe and let gravity drain it until the can is empty.  Flush with 30 more cc of warm water, hold the syringe  connected to the tube high in the air to let the water drain out, clamp the tube, take out the syringe, stopper the tube, and wash the syringe.  Feeding done!

I am proud to say that I have fed Mammaw by myself at least four times and have given her medicine through her PEG tube, also.  When I first saw the nurses doing this in the hospital, I never thought that I would be able to remember all of the steps.   Now though, I know them all by heart.

With full confidence, I can say this on behalf of my family.  During this time of illness of our beloved Mammaw–Gerry Harden–we are learning the truth of Ecclesiastes 3:1– “For everything there is a season and a time for every matter under heaven.” Just as one season was Mammaw’s mother feeding her, the next season took place over the many years that Mammaw cooked for everyone else around her.  This season lasted over 65 years! Here’s just a small taste of the times that filled those many years…

Mammaw’s 80th Birthday- 8/1/2010

 Ever since I can remember, my precious grandmother has spoiled us all rotten with cooking so yummy that it still tasted good when eaten on a full stomach!  Even better than her roast or homemade rolls though, are all the memories made while everyone was finally gathered in the kitchen.  While holding hands, we blessed the food that the Good Lord had provided, yet Mammaw had prepared.  Forever, I will cherish the times of laughter and tears—usually from laughing too much—that took place, STILL, gathered around the dining room table.  Let me tell you too, that’s when conversation is best… long after the last bite of dessert had been stuffed into the slowest eater’s belly.

Now we are entering into a  new season!  I am blessed to say that in this next season under heaven, our family and friends have the honor of feeding Mammaw.  (Another great honor is of mine is that I am learning all of her secrets for cooking.)  Even though she may not be making her world-famous roast in this season of life, Sarah Geraldine Harden is still the world’s greatest cook.  Don’t even try to tell me otherwise!  That includes you too, Mammaw 😉

Once again, to all of you—whether a friend, family member, or unknown reader—thank you so much for your support through thoughts, prayers, and food during this time of illness for Mammaw.  We are blessed to have such wonderful friends like you and, trust me, we can feel the power of your prayers!  God is always good, and your kindness is a reflection of this Truth.

With all of my love and prayers of thanks,


2 thoughts on “Feeding Me, Feeding Mammaw

    • Thank YOU so much! Even this past weekend, I had some of the incredible strawberry cake that you made. I don’t know which cake that you made was my favorite–the banana or the strawberry! There were both absolutely delicious!! I hope you like the pictures of your cake. Hopefully the they made it look just as gourmet as it tastes. Thanks for being such a wonderful friend to Mammaw and supporting our family with your thoughts, prayers, and gifts of food during this time. Words cannot even begin to express our gratitude. I hope to see you soon!

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