Thoughts from an airplane gate

As I write these words, I am sitting at the gate A25, Southwest of the Raleigh-Durham airport.  It’s been a while since the last time I was in an airport like this, but the feeling is still the same: amazement.

Only through the purchase of my airplane ticket and the need to travel home, I’m in a place where I’m surrounded by faces that I have never seen before and, probably, will never see again.  While that sounds a little depressing, I don’t

mean for it be that way.  Instead, this is a very humbling experience because it is a reminder of just how big this world is.

How often do we go about our day-to-day life and feel as though it could be contained within the glass of a snow globe?  For me, this ha

ppens very often.   When I examine my own life, I see the joys and the struggles, the hopes and the fears, and everything else in between that fills my days.  When I am in a situation like this, sitting in the airport though, I imagine the story of my life and then think to myself, “Every single person waiting at this gate, walking in this airport, has a life story of their own.”

Do you know what’s even more amazing than this statement?”  That our Heavenly Father cares for each and every single person in here and loves them more than they could ever imagine, whether they realize it or not.

Well, I think that’s enough philosophy for the moment because now it’s time to get an ice cream cone.  I’ve been sitting across from a Cinnabon and Carvel yogurt shop for the past two hours waiting for my plane, so a chocolate and vanilla swirl ice cream cone sounds really good right about now.  Have a wonderful and God-Blessed day today!

One thought on “Thoughts from an airplane gate

  1. You’re right, Sarah. It’s so easy to lose sight of God’s love for me as I go through my day, especially when I’m surrounded by a lot of people. It is amazing that while each of us has our own story, God keeps up with all of us, all the time, and loves each and every one of us, all the time! Thanks for sharing that thought with us today.

    Have a safe trip!

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