A Tale of Tornado Relief

Yesterday, two friends of mine and I were on the road to Amory, MS.  What exactly we were going to do?  Even as we drove along Highway 45 North, we didn’t know the answer to this question.  All we knew was this: our neighbors in Northeast Mississippi were in trouble after the tornado, and we were ready and able to help.

Although Smithville–a town completely destroyed by the tornado–was blocked from even willing volunteers, we were not discouraged as we pulled up to the  First Baptist Church in Amory.  This was the home of all the Red Cross operations to the town of Smithville.  Then again, we would have been fine setting up a lemonade stand… we just wanted to help.

Since pictures are worth a thousand words, I’ll just show pictures to show how much help and donations had already been given!  It truly was humbling to see all that had come in after only a day…

Cases and cases and cases of water, boxes of toothbrushes, other hygiene supplies, and food: the gym of the church was being filled even as we waited to sign in.  Volunteers, townspeople, even children brought in bags and boxes of however much or however little they had.  Size didn’t matter though; they were all donations given with a happy heart, and that is what made them special.

The most amazing part is that in those first five minutes, we hadn’t even seen the majority of donations.  Shortly after arriving, we went over to the clothes area: the place in need of a quick transformation in order to become the area where victims would pick up all necessary items other than food.

After five long hours of unpacking, rearranging, sorting, accepting donations, helping 3 families, and preparing for the expected hundreds of families to come throughout the weekend, here are some pictures of our work.

I will write back later with more details about the families that we met and feeling the joy of being God’s hands and feet yesterday.  After all…

“We are ambassadors for Christ!”

2 Corinthians 5:20

Please continue to be praying for ALL areas affected by the devastating tornado, even those towns less-mentioned by the media–Smithville, MS especially.  Pray for the families of victims as well as workers and volunteers.  Please check back, as I will post ways to get involved and stay connected in ways additional to the much needed prayer.  🙂

Have a God-blessed day!

2 thoughts on “A Tale of Tornado Relief

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  2. I’m so very proud of you, Sarah! Here’s a great big hug for you and your friends. I know they were so happy to have such wonderful help.

    Love and miss you,
    Aunt Dianne

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