Perfect Peace.

What is perfect peace?

Over these past two weeks, I have been soooo busy with work, school, and, well…. just life!  For whatever reason, it seems as though just about every minute of mine was accounted for in some way through certain activities or to-do lists that I made.  Most of the time, I felt so overwhelmed that I couldn’t even think about what was happening in the next few hours, let alone the next day.  At the same time though, I was amazed to sit back, live in each minute, and simply watch as God took me through the course of it all.

There is a verse in Psalm that I think we all should learn and keep on our lips as a breath prayer–the words on our hearts and minds whenever we on the edge of feeling overloaded and overwhelmed.  The whole passage of Psalm 26 is wonderful, but here is verse 3.

“You keep him in perfect peace

whose mind is stayed on you,

because he trusts in you.”

Psalm 26:3

Perfect Peace.  Do we even know what that feels like?  Do we even know what it means to have perfect peace?  How can we keep our mind stayed upon the Lord?  How do we grow our faith in a way that we always trust God and His plan?

These are all questions that I am praying about right now, and I hope God will use these thoughts that I have on my heart to help you as well!

Have a Sonshine-filled day! 🙂

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