Foy Vance–“Gabriel & the Vagabond”

In my last post, I wrote about our “lifesong” or the song that we sing through the life that we live.

While reading my friend Lacey Gray’s blog called “Every Tribe, Tongue, and Nation,” I heard a song called “Gabriel & the Vagabond” by Foy Vance.  Chill bumps crept along my arms as I began to listen to the song: the beautiful tone of Foy’s voice, the acoustic guitar that I love so much, but most of all, the lyrics that captured my heart and captivated my soul.

Please, please listen to the song and read the lyrics below.  I hope that it has the same effect on you, too. 🙂  Hopefully, it will compel us all to ask ourselves one question:  Does our lifesong sing “Hallelujah”?

There’s a man in the corner and his clothes are worn
And he’s holding out his hand
You could see in his eyes as the people walk by
He knows they don’t understand

Ya see they just think he’s gonna take their money
And go and spend it all on dope
Then a man stopped by and I saw a smile inside him
As he gently whispered hope

Well the tramp started to cry, just kept saying,
“Why? why? why?
Could you see I’m down and out
Well I’m 32 and I’ve got this one pair of shoes
And a bad taste in my mouth
I think it’s clear to see that even God don’t love me
Or else why would He leave me this way.”

Then Gabriel just smiled and said be at peace my child
Salvation is here today

He got up to his feet and he sang Hallelujah
People were turning around in the street
He looked them in the eyes and he sang,
There’s someone here that you gotta meet
Someone you just gotta meet.”

When the vagabond turned around well without a sound
Gabriel just smiled and disappeared
When he looked to the crowd and they were laughing out loud
But he could not see them for tears
When his vision came round
There was a young girl on the ground
I knew she was finding it hard to cope
She never was a fighter until he laid beside her
And gently whispered hope

They got up to their feet and they sang Hallelujah
People in the street were turning around
They looked them in the eyes and they sang,
There’s someone here we have found”
They sang,
“Hallelujah, Hallelujah
We are the voices crying in the wilderness
Hallelujah, Hallelujah.”
The people in the street started their sins to confess
And a chorus of,
“Hallelujah, Hallelujah
Hallelujah, Hallelujah
Every knee will bow and every tongue confess
and the voice of one crying in the wilderness
Hallelujah, Hallelujah”

2 thoughts on “Foy Vance–“Gabriel & the Vagabond”

  1. dyin’ tonight = down&out
    without a sign = without a sound
    fine and hard to cope = findin’ it hard to cope

    i don’t mean to be pedantic, just hope that an ear for the ulster vowels helps with the lyric.
    thanks for putting this beautiful song up, i hope many more people get to hear it, and get the message of Hope, Tolerance, Sensitivity and Understanding

    • Thank you so much for the comment, and I will certainly make those changes! I’m glad you like that song too. It really is such a beautiful song with a great message. Once again, thanks and I really appreciate it!

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