To be free for people

Whenever I go back and read my journals, I usually can find a common thread of what God has been teaching me.  One journal may mainly be about praying while another is about learning how to rejoice in suffering.  Over the past weekend, I now know the next lesson that God will be teaching me: that I must be free from people to be free for people.

Luke 9 has always been a hard chapter of the Bible for me to read.  Here are verses 61 and 62.

“Still another said, ‘I will follow you, Lord; but first let me go back and say goodbye to my family.’  Jesus replied, ‘No one who puts a hand to the plow and looks back is fit for service in the kingdom of God.’ “

On the outside, this request seems innocent enough, doesn’t it?  I always thought that Jesus was being extremely selfish to not let them do these things and still be his disciple.  But here’s the catch… This person had been following Jesus.  He, as well as many others, heard him preach, and they probably even saw him perform miracles.  In all of his glory, they saw him and the work that the kingdom of God entails.  Basically, they saw God and instead of falling flat on their faces and worshipping, they turned away.  They made an excuse.

Today, let’s pray that God will help us see the excuses that keep us from dropping everything–past pain, fears, grudges, hopes–and cling only to God’s love.  Today, let’s pray that He will teach us what it means to be free from people to be free for people.  It’s a lesson that, if we truly learn it, will change the way we love and serve always.

Praying your day is filled with Sonshine,

Sarah 🙂

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