Happy Thanksgiving!

“Give thanks to the Lord for He is good.

His steadfast love endures


Psalm 118:1


Happy Late Thanksgiving!  This past thanksgiving, we had even more to be thankful for than usual:

wonderful food,


times with family,


and even abled surgeons and nurses.

On Thanksgiving day, we spent all of the day eating and enjoying time together, but the day after, we found ourselves in an even sweeter time of prayer and today, an even sweeter day of giving thanks.  My brother’s precious girlfriend, Jessica, began to feel sick early yesterday morning, but her pain soon progressed.  Little did we know that she had appendicitis, but even so, we took her to my dad’s office at the hospital, and she was admitted to the hospital.

Although we would have never wished this upon her or anyone, we were grateful for how God had worked out every single detail.  The nursing staff was wonderful, the surgeon was skilled, and Jess was surrounded by people that love and care for her all-day.  Praise the Lord that even her mom, dad, and sister were able to get right to the room before she was wheeled off to pre-op. God is always good.

Right now, Jess is sleeping on our couch downstairs, and her family is eating lunch with our family.  We are praising God for times for healing but remembering that He is always good, and no matter what, His steadfast love endures forever!

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