My new Bible!

I am sooooo excited right now!  I just bought a brand new Bible!

Ever since I bought the one that I have been using, I was convinced that I would only  buy a new Bible when duct tape became its “new” spine.  It didn’t quite get to that point, but my pocket-sized, green Bible came pretty close:  the outside is hanging on by a little more than a thread.


My aunt and I were talking about our Bibles though, and she shared with me an amazing insight from Beth Moore.  In regards to Beth and her Bible, she said that if she continued to use the same Bible and read the same underlinings, highlights, etc, how would God abundantly reveal to her new truths about the Bible?  In this way, getting a new Bible was presented a wonderful opportunity to get a fresh look and perspective on God’s Word.


As you can tell, it will take me a while to get my new Bible just as marked up as my old, but hopefully not as beat up!  😉

Anyways, I hope that you are having a wonderful day so far!  Thanks so much for sharing in my excitement about my new favorite book :).  Come back soon for another post!


Praying your day is filled with Sonshine,


2 thoughts on “My new Bible!

  1. I really like it Sarah!!!!!! Plus the design is so cute!!!! I think I might have an idea for my next present from my mom when she visits me.

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