Where there is sin…

There are times when I roll my eyes at thought of sin.  The topic is preached over and over, and sometimes it makes sin seem less lethal, less potent.  Just another hellfire and brimstone speech: this would be the thought in my mind, so I began to picture sin as a sheep hiding behind wolves’ clothing.

The truth though, is that I never looked deeply at sin.  You see, the truth is that I knew if I looked honestly at my sin, it would reveal who I truly was: a broken, scared, and love-craved sinner hiding behind my pretty Bible and my Sunday’s best church clothes.

To some, this seems extremely harsh to say!  If we’re going to be frank though, isn’t this true for all of us?  We have these certain struggles with sin, and they kill us.  These sins take away life that God has given us, and yet we push them out of sight.  In this way, our hiding is no worse than sin’s.  In both cases, they are just deceptions that shove God’s glory out of our lives.

But tonight, I ask you to look at sin in a different way.  Yes, it is true that sin is utterly awful.  After all, it’s our sin that caused us to “kill the Author of life” (Acts 3:15).  But it’s this same sin, this record of debt, that God set aside and nailed to cross of His Son (Colossians 2:14).

Man, when will we get to point where this gives of joy?  Grace.  Only when we see the beauty of the grace that God has given us, that perfects us in His power (2 Corinthians 12:9), will we ever experience the fullness of joy found in Christ.


It’s time for us to make a choice:  To hide behind our projected image of being “the perfect Christian”?  OR to run out from behind this fake exterior and to run to our Father in Heaven and be washed in His grace?  Which is better: to hide because of sin or to go to God and say, “God, I can’t avoid my addiction to sin.  I know that I don’t deserve it, but, God, I need you.”

Where there is sin, there is grace.

Where there is grace, there is joy.

And so…

Where there is sin…

….then there is joy.

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