My dream and how it answered one of my questions

Just last night, I had the funniest dream!  What is so ironic about it though, is that it has to do with the questions that I have been thinking about this past few days.  (You can read this post about this questions here.)

I absolutely love horses, and–for me–horses are an amazing embodiment of God’s beauty, grace, and power. Keep this in mind when you read about my dream… 😉 Without any further ado, here’s the gist of my dream:

In my dream, I somehow came to own a beautiful horse.  The was tall and stocky, and she couldn’t have been any more beautiful and healthy.  The horse was my love, and I genuinely cared for it deep within my heart.

The only problem was this: I was living in a small room of my sorority house with three other girls, and our house mom wouldn’t let the horse live outside on our lawn.  Therefore, I was desperate to keep this beautiful horse, and I pushed my twin, bunk-bed away from the wall.  I had created “a stall” for my giant horse right there in my room.  And so, my horse began to live in small standing room between my bed and the wall.

Since I “loved” my horse, I didn’t want to risk someone asking me about why a HORSE was living behind my bed and, as a result, having to give her away. So, I hung up my bedsheet so that no one else would see my beautiful horse.

Soon after classes began, I forgot about the horse.  Since I had stuffed her in the corner of our room with a bed-sheet to hide her stall, I forgot to fed her and clean up her mess.  I didn’t even take her outside to run anymore.  Before too long, I had even forgotten that she was living there in my room.  By the time I remembered this, the horse’s stall wasn’t there anymore and neither was she…

In essence, my dream taught me a very important lesson about the pitfall of being a Christian for self-serving reasons.  If we have spent our life seeking God and seeing His beauty from afar, He appears glorious and powerful and majestic; we know that He and His love is the most beautiful and precious gift to us.

But as soon as we take Him and merely have a selfish relationship with Him, we are doing just what I did in my dream: We push God to the corner, cover up His presence, and eventually, we forget about Him.

Today I encourage us to think of this question: How do we have a true relationship with God, then?

After my dream, here’s what I believe: We can’t just push God to the corner of our lives.  God must dwell in all of who are, and He must abide in every aspect of our lives.  Only then will His glory still be revealed.  Only when He is free to consume our affections as well as our heartaches, our beliefs as well as our doubts… only then will we experience the fullness of God’s beauty and love in our lives.

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