“Skipping Stones”

“Let me be Your skipping stone,

Let me be the one

With whom you throw into the deep

and let Your will be done.

Let me skip along the water

and walk with faith like Peter

Let me never fear of failure but

know Your love runs deeper.

So send me out before you, God

behind Your faithful Son.

Send me out into the field

until Your battle’s won.

So throw me into the unkown,

so throw me into fear.

Throw me where I don’t want to go,

but always find You near.

Let my splash into the surface

be the end of Your great throw.

Let the ripples of my sinking

show Your presence midst the flow.

So stretch out wide and stretch our far

but never let me go.

Stretch your arm and skip more stones

‘mong Your children here below.

For You are the Great Potter,

and we are but the clay.

You are the Great Maker,

and we are what you made.

So shape us into skipping stones.

Shape us into ones,

with whom You throw into the deep

and let Your will be done.”

“Skipping Stones”

Sarah Hollinger

August 19, 2010

5 thoughts on ““Skipping Stones”

  1. I love this poem!!!! What would we do with God always beside us every day. Thanks for making my day.
    Robbie Quinton

    • I sure did! Those were just the words that God gave me to help me be motivated to serve. Thank you so much for all of your encouragement and for reading! 🙂

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