Always Learning Lessons

I’m so sorry for the delay!!!!  Seriously, at the beginning of the summer, I never thought that I would be scrambling to find time to write!  But here it is, over a week later, and I am just now writing again! sorry :/

One thing that I’ve discovered about these past few days is the importance of always learning.  While I do reference all types of learning by saying this, I especially mean learning how to love our family and learning other lessons from God.  Sometimes I get to a point where I say, “Okay, I’m tired of always learning how to be better because that means that I’m not good enough as I am.”  What I see now is that this is not true at all.

In all honesty, I spent many days last week just going through each day as a routine.  I prayed but didn’t necessarily listen, and I was definitely not wanting to learn about any other things that I needed to do better.  Me and my pride… we all have problems with it don’t we?  Anyways, but I saw that in each time that I wasn’t truly spending time with God–reading the Bible or just thanking Him for pretty flowers or something small like that–I also wasn’t learning; I wasn’t growing, and I certainly wasn’t enjoying my time.

I think we are always learning lessons when we truly spend time in a relationship with God because we get to see even more of who He is.  If we have the right mindset, we see each lesson as merely a way in which we can grow to be more like Him and just be filled with love, the love that He gives to us to give to others.

This post is pretty much a jumbled up message of my thoughts today, but I hope that maybe, just maybe, we can all believe that true happiness lies in the pursuit of living life with God.  Because of our human nature–all prideful and sinful and all–we have a lot of learning to do.  But take heart!  After all, we are living in a world of darkness and whenever we see things as dark or bad, that means that the Light must be there to shine.  The more that we learn, the more that we see God’s Light and have a desire to change.

Well, I hate to run, especially with such an unedited and jumbled post, but I’m about to shed some light on the most overgrown and prickly, holly shrub in our backyard.  I’ll write back soon!

-Sarah 🙂

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