Lesson from a Lemonade Stand

Just the other day, I was driving through my neighborhood and saw where someone was hosting a lemonade stand.  I didn’t have my camera with me, and so I drove straight to my house, knowing what I would write next for this blog… the story of the lemonade stand.

After parking my car, I saw two girls setting up pitchers of tea and lemonade at a table.  My camera was slung over my shoulder, and my journal was in my little, canvas bag, so I walked up to the stand.  Once I reached their table, I told the girls about how awesome their stand was, and I asked if I could take pictures and write a story about them.  They were so excited and said, “Yes!”

Now, here’s the story of Kayla and Megan…

Kayla and Megan had just finished school last week.  While they could have done anything else to celebrate the start of summer, these girls had other desires.  They knew how many of our neighbors in River Oaks are still trying to recover from the flood, and Kayla and Megan wanted to help them.

When I was younger, I used to host lemonade stands, too.  My friends and I would set out looking for every single opportunity to raise money for a cause.  Even raising $10 was consider a major success in our eyes, just as it was in the eyes of Megan and Kayla.

Somewhere down the road of growing up, success became measured by definite results, not by the number of hearts touched or thirsts quenched.  Helping others was just another way to add something to the resume.  It breaks my heart, now, to think of every single opportunity that I have not taken to help others merely because I didn’t think that something that small could make a difference.

In many ways, we need to return to the innocence of childhood; we need to look through the eyes of our younger years and see that every opportunity to serve is a worthy opportunity.  We need to remember that God takes what we have, and He multiplies it.

I’m so grateful that Kayla and Megan set up a lemonade stand a few days ago.  Not only was I refreshed by the wonderful, pink lemonade, their sweet spirits and true servant’s hearts were also refreshing for they reminded of what it truly means to serve.

So if you are driving in your car and see a lemonade stand, take a minute and drink some lemonade.  You never know… You may just walk away refreshed in more ways than one.

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