A New Season with a New Beginning! :)

Hello, everybody, and thanks for reading today!  I have got some very big and exciting news.  Limbo Land has been here, but it has left the building!

Limbo land has been what I’ve referred as my time of indecision about the future, but I realized today that Limbo Land was something much deeper than that: Limbo Land was a place in my life where I was teetering between what I wanted to do and what God wanted me to do.

This morning, I felt the largest weight of pity over not being able to be some amazing missionary like Katie Davis or others that packed up and moved away to another country to serve.  But I realized today that my pity over that life not being my own has kept me from loving my family as I should AND has prevented me from spreading Sonshine wherever I go.

THEREFORE, after mom and I had a big talk which made her late for a doctor’s appointment–sorry, Mom–God and I had a pretty big prayer time.  I had some major sins to fess up to–to own up to them, ask for His forgiveness, and say, “Alright then, let’s try this again!”

So, today, is a very special day!  Today makes one year since I left for DeSoto–the place where I learned so much about God and learned that I was “free to be broken.”  Well, today, I learned a second lesson that also stemmed from a devotional we had at DeSoto.  I realized today that I, too, am

free to be normal.

I’ve had these blogs and started writing a book, and my Bible is all tattered now, but I realized today that all of those things don’t make me any more special in God’s eyes than a year ago today.  He loves me just the same for one reason: His Son’s blood covers every bit of who I am, even all the vain, bitter, and impatient parts.

For my whole life, I’ve always thought that I needed to make something huge out of myself–to go out into the world and be somebody!  But today, I learned that my life should merely be one ripple in wake of God’s giant cannonball into the pool of this world.  Someone can look at my life and see where I came from and where I’m going, but they see that it’s God who made the splash.

With this being said, I will keep both blogs but with minor changes.  “Confession: I’m with the Big Guy” will be geared as devotionals for developing a more personal relationship with God.  I’ll write every other day or so.

This blog, “Compelled,” will now become the blog of my everyday life with God.  That’s how it was supposed to be, but I just made it once again very similar to “Confession” in being devotionals again.  On this blog, I’ll have more day to day topics such as stories, recipes, devotionals, prayers, what I’ve learned, etc.  This approach will be much more personal, and it will prove just how normal I really am.

We are all free to be broken just as we are free to be normal, and praise the Good Lord that He has patience with us all as we figure these things out!

With love,


PS- Thank you to everyone for all of your prayers!  Isn’t amazing to see how God answers them? 😉

One thought on “A New Season with a New Beginning! :)

  1. What an amazing story, Sarah! Your mom must be an incredible woman to be able to share such wisdom with you and to help you figure out what God wanted you to do and to be.

    You’re a great writer, and thank you for sharing your life and your thoughts with us.


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