Glorifying God even over spilled detergent

“Commencing countdown…3…2…”  Even though I was not in NASA’s headquarters and there was no rocket in my backyard, I was certainly about it experience a lift-off.  Our washer that sits on an uneven, tile floor was about to go into the spin cycle.  For all of us Hollingers, we know what that means…one whole end of our house was about to rattle to the vibrations of our washer, and we would hear and feel it for the next couple of minutes.

When I finally counted down to one in my head, the loud rattle began as usual.  What wasn’t usual, though, was a loud “Boom!” that followed.  Something had gone wrong during lift-off, so I went to the laundry room to go see…

A brand new container of Gain detergent had been, keyword= had been, sitting on top of the washer but had been bucked off in the washer’s violent shaking.  Detergent was spewing out, and most of the floor had already been covered by the time I reached the spill.  I was finally able to turn to detergent right-side up despite the slimy exterior.

Sometimes I think that whenever we believe that God is going to work in our life, He is going to do it in a huge way.  We search for our own version of a burning bush or cloud that we can follow just like Moses and the people of Israel in order to know where to go.  But while on all fours, scooping detergent into a cup with my hand and then pouring it into a bucket, I realized that God had given me just as great of an opportunity to see Him in the midst of my problem. Even something as simple and frustrating as cleaning up a gallon of detergent with my hands and an 8-ounce cup can became a lesson of patience through God-given peace

Romans 12:1 in the Message translation says, “Take your everyday, ordinary life–your sleeping, eating, going-to-work, and walking-around life–and place it before God as an offering.”

God is glorified through offerings.  The question now is, are you willing to glorify Him through giving every part of your life and daily living over to Him?  The next time that you get a flat tire, have to work late, or find yourself in rush-hour traffic, will you choose to get mad or will you use that as an opportunity to learn what it means to live fully by and fully for God no matter the circumstance?

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