Freely love and be loved while free from expectations

Yesterday, “the Girls,” Danny Fat Cat, and myself were playing in the backyard.  We were playing one of my new but favorite games called, “Photo-shoot with Sissy’s camera.”  This is how the game works: Lacey (the white dog) and Chloe (the dog with the long bangs) would run around the yard and away from me and my camera with the scary flash.

While watching them like a hawk, determined to snap a good picture, I became so frustrated!  Lacey wanted to smell the lens and turn her head away from the flash.  Chloe’s hair was all in her eyes, and she just wanted to smell for bugs that she couldn’t see.  Danny just wanted me to scratch behind his whiskers.  They wouldn’t do exactly what I wanted them to do.  Why?  Because I was trying to make them be something that they weren’t.

So I gave up trying to make them do what I wanted them to do.  I simply took pictures of them being exactly who they were–dirty dogs in need of a haircut and a cat that just wanted to love and be loved–and you know what?   I realized that while being free from my own desires and expectations for them, I was free to love them even more!

How often do we do this people?  We have expectations for them and whenever they don’t fulfill those or whenever they don’t act as we want them to, we become disappointed or frustrated with them.  Speaking for myself, I do this all the time!  In our minds, we have an idea of what is best for someone, and we think that loving them means getting them to do what we believe is best.

Praise God that He loves us just as we are!  God sees that we, too, are often dirty and in need of a haircut like Miss Chloe, but this doesn’t make him love us any less.  Instead, I believe that when we live fully as the child that He created us to be, He loves us even more!

God’s love comes free of expectations, free of repayment, free of stipulations.  We freely and abundantly receive God’s love simply because we are His children, and He loves us more than we could ever imagine!

Are your paws dirty and in need of washing?  Come to your loving Father, and He will wash you clean as white as snow because He profoundly loves you.

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