Last night, my brother and I were watching 24.  You know, it’s that show where Kiefer Sutherland plays the role of Jack Bauer–an operative of CTU–that practically, single-handedly, saves the US from multiple terrorist attacks in the span of 24 hours.

So we were sitting there watching the show–I haven’t seen it in about four years, by the way–and let’s just say that my eyes were opened!  In a span of the hour-long tv show, I watched a girl get executed at point-blank range, a journalist taken hostage by Jack, five Russian operatives killed in the middle of a shopping mall, and a sniper of this Russian terrorist group taken as a hostage by Jack, as well.  Jack Bauer–the supposed hero of the show–tortured this man by yanking one of his fingers off with a pair of pliers, punched the living daylights of him, cut him up a few times with a knife, squirted acid all over his cut stomach.  To top it all of, Jack gutted him by slicing open his stomach when he realized that the terrorist had swallowed his phone’s sim card.

Now this is going to sound silly, but I seriously sat there and thought to myself, “Oh my goodness gracious.”  Maybe it is the result of a stranger breaking into my apartment first semester while I was there or I don’t know what else, but I don’t like to watch TV, especially anything violent or dramatic.  Granted, I am the type of girl that will pick up a worm on the sidewalk and put it in the grass, but I curled up under my blanket, closed my eyes, and plugged my eyes while Jack Bauer ripped this guy to shreds…literally.   The show ended with Jack’s revelation of just how corrupted the government was, but the watchers already knew this.

I don’t really know why I wanted to write this post other than to ask ourselves, “Is this really the kind of reality that we want to pretend to live in?”  It’s like we watch all this TV to fill a prescription for a dosage of violence or drama that we aren’t allowed to have in our lives.  We can watch and see it, but then we don’t actually do like we see on TV so it’s okay.  Really, though, if that was real life, and you were sitting there watch a guy get gutted like a fish, would that be entertainment then?

I don’t know… just something to think about

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