Prayers for Nashville…

Over the past weekend, Nashville and surrounding areas were hit by severe flooding.  What is now being called Tennessee’s “500 Year Flood,” flood waters remain standing stagnant.  Praise the Good Lord, though, that the waters are beginning to recede from the original 10 feet of water that stood in many areas.

My family and fellow neighbors of Brentwood remain extremely thankful because flooding in our area was not as bad as in other areas. Here are some pictures that I took two days after the storm…

Note that I wrote in a neighbor’s driveway covered in mud after being the bottom of a “lake.”

The brown grass was all once under water.  The difference between the light green grass and the brown grass in the background shows where the water stood in the peak of flooding.

Stagnant waters standing in the McGavock Farms neighborhood

Brick and wrought iron fence broken from flood waters rushing up and over the road

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