Simple moments are precious moments.

The rain was falling now.  Drop after drop hit the windshield, a mist to glaze the view of the road.  Then, it was gone; the windshield wipers had taken it away before I could even say, “Look at those raindrops.”  But I stared out of the passenger window, and in my staring, I saw that the painted, yellow lines were not the only things racing with us to see family.  Raindrops deflected off the windshield, gained speed, and raced across my window.  Only a trail was left by the previous drops, trails that would soon be covered by the next racing drops.

I got caught in the moment watching the raindrops race across the window.  Their simplicity is what entranced me–a simple streaking of precipitation on a car window.  It got me to thinking.  If learning to appreciate nature is crucial to experiencing God, how much more will I experience Him if I also appreciate everything in my own life?

Once that one raindrop becomes beautiful to us, how much more beautiful will the faces of our family members be?

How much more special will that moment of fellowship be?

How much more precious will times of abounding love be?

The answer to those questions is this: they’ll be more beautiful, more special, and more precious than we ever could have imagined.

Enjoy life’s most simple pleasures and see that it’s your Heavenly Father that makes them precious…

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