Here is my camera. Use it, Lord, as an instrument for Your glory.

This year for my birthday, my parents were SUPER generous and gave me an amazing camera for my birthday.  As soon as I unwrapped the gift, though, I felt a burden.  I saw what kind of camera it was, and I knew that it was expensive.  Deep down, I didn’t even want to accept the gift.  After all, why did I deserve receiving a camera like this Cannon EOS?

I told my parents that I didn’t deserve it, but they had a different perspective.  My parents saw that I could use the camera to take pictures and share them on my blogs as a ministry–another way to share God’s beauty.  They told me, “Sarah, it’s how you use the camera that matters.”

This really got me to thinking about life… The truth is that none of us deserve anything.  We don’t deserve to have life, let alone a house, a car, a closet full of clothes, etc. Once we are given these things, we should become devoted to using them as avenues to glorify God!  We are meant to sacrifice our lives for the sake of glorifying Christ and that means that we must sacrifice our material possession, as well.

Here is the sacrifice of my new camera.  I pray that I will use it only to share and spread just how beautiful God is!


Today, I went to another field of yellow flowers.  But this time, there was a barn and horses there, too!

The horses came running when they saw me in the barn.

“Yet I tell you, even Solomon in all of his glory was not arrayed like one of these [flowers].”

-Matthew 6:29

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