Dig Deeper. Dig Deeper.

“Dig Deeper”

These are the words that woke my mom in the midst of her sleep last night.  “Dig deeper,” said some voice or maybe The Voice, but she asked, “What?  Why?  Dig deeper?”  Yet, she kept hearing Him repeat, “Dig Deeper.  Dig Deeper.”

Today, we had another one of “those talks.”  You know, the talk that has become quite common between us these days.  The talk where I say, “I don’t know what I’m doing here.  Why can’t I give everything away to serve in the mission field?”  and my mom reminds me, “Sarah, you are in a mission field.  You can be in that mission field [Latin America] maybe after you graduate (God willing) but not now.”  It’s at that point that I begin to feel the tears welling in my eyes, “But, Mom…” and the conversation continues.

In the middle of our talk today, she told me the story of last night, of “Dig deeper.”  We both knew that this phrase was definitely the workings of the Holy Spirit.  I had been hearing it too; however, I had been too scared to pay too much attention to it.  After all, digging was always painful in the past, and pain was definitely not something that I was hoping to have any more of either.

So tonight, this is all I have to say: dig deeper.  As I wrote just a little while earlier in my journal…”I must dig into the depths of my heart.  I must dig deeply until my whole heart has been completely exposed.  With complete vulnerability, I will then offer myself to God so that He and only He can fill every part of me that has ever been hurt or confused before.

But first, I must dig.  I must dig deeper”

We all must dig.  We must all find the places where we’ve ever been hurt, confused, taken advantage by, or mislead, and expose them completely.  Only then can God truly come and show us that His love is truly enough, even more than sufficient, but overflowing, abounding, and redeeming.

But first, we all must dig.  So…

Dig deeper.  Dig deeper.

2 thoughts on “Dig Deeper. Dig Deeper.

  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH for this post! Oh my goodness, it is JUST what I needed to hear. Thank you. And thank you for the remdinder that God IS enough.

    Love you!

  2. Dear Sarah,

    What a precious, honest look at what you’re feeling these days. Would that we were ALL that honest and open…and obedient. I don’t know what the Holy Spirit was telling your Mom, but I’m sure that He will reveal it.

    You have a heart for the Lord and a heart for missions. You remind me of someone special I know!

    Love you and miss you,
    Aunt Dianne

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