Workers in a harvest field

For the past three years, I’ve had a desire to do mission work in a Latin American country.  Since November, I became convicted that He was calling me to such work through reading my Bible and praying.  I prayed that He would open the way if it was His will, and He responded by providing with the opportunity for me to teach at a school for missionaries’ children in Pucallpa, Peru for the coming year, maybe more.  The picture above is of a classroom in the school where I would be teaching.

Even after writing that paragraph, I ask myself, “So, why aren’t you going to Peru next year?”  Honestly, I’m not sure that I can fully explain it, but I realized that I had taken my current season for granted.  I felt as though I wasn’t helping as many people here  as I could in Peru.  Worries about money,whether to stay in a sorority, and wanting to focus on school less to focus on God made going to Peru seem like the greener grass on the other side.

That day that I decided to not drop out of school to work and raise money for my missions, that day that I decided to not go to Peru, that day…….that’s when I made the choice to let go of my will and trust that God had put me exactly where I was at the moment.  That was the day that I realized that I was already a missionary–a sharer of the Gospel in every place I went, a lover of His children all around me, a follower of His will no matter what it meant.

We are all missionaries, each and every single one of us.  God has put us each where we are and has given us each talents to use.  While I hope that He will take me to Peru one day, I’ve learned that I simply have to wait peacefully and trust that His will will be done.  We just have to open our eyes to harvest field that we are in–whether it’s a classroom, Starbucks, the office, church, or even a fraternity party.  Once we ask the Lord to send us out into these harvest fields, I think we’ll be surprised by the blessings we gather.

-References to Matthew 9:35-38

3 thoughts on “Workers in a harvest field

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  2. Dear sweet Sarah,

    Waiting is so hard. There’s no way, absolutely no way, to make time go faster. You’re not to worry though. Our Heavenly Father has a special place carved out just for you. I don’t know whether or not it’s in a third world country where children are starving and will need someone with a nutrition degree or not…but God does. I don’t know if it’s in Appalachia…where children are still starving…but God does. There are any number of ways you could be prepared…with any number of degrees. God will use you. He may “simply” want you to fulfill one of the greatest roles of all: a Christian wife and mother. He’ll let you know…in time. There we are again…back to time.

    For now, have joy in the journey.

    I love you and miss you,
    Aunt Dianne

  3. Sarah-
    I love to hear about your journey with the Lord. It blesses me to see you testify of His goodness so freely and frequently. Bless you as you continue to encourage and admonish us all in The faith!

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