Prayer for My Organic Chemistry Professor

Yesterday, I was sitting in my Organic Chemistry class.  The teacher walked into the classroom–her first time to walk in for the past week and a half.  Everyone waited apprehensively, each one praying that our upcoming test coming would be rescheduled due to her absence.  Some may have wondered why she had been gone; however, most, including myself, were more concerned with the approaching threat of an all-nighter and way too many cups of coffee in order to stay up late and learn the material.

My teacher did reschedule the test, but my excitement didn’t last much longer.  My teacher had something else to say.  She told us that she had been missing class because of her terminal illness.  She said that all she had ever hoped for was to live until she was fifty.  Her fiftieth birthday was only 2 weeks away, she said, and though she was being seen by four different doctors, she doubted that she would make it until then.

I was shocked.  I couldn’t even focus during class.  The guilt of having been more concerned with my “impending doom” in the form of an organic chem test rather than the reason why my teacher had been absent hit me.  For the rest of the day, I felt the weight of that guilt laying on my shoulders.

God taught me a lesson through this, though.  He taught me the importance of faith, hope, and love.

Check back for a post about each one of these: faith, hope, and love.  For now, though, say a prayer for my Organic Chemistry teacher.  Thanks so much for your continued support, and remember that even in all of this darkness that envelops us, Christ is our light to the world.  He is the assurance of the hope we have, the reason for the joy that we receive, and the purpose for which we should live our lives.

For now, we can rest in knowing the truth in 1 John 3:20, “God is greater than our worried hearts, and he knows everything.”

Praying your day is filled with Sonshine,


2 thoughts on “Prayer for My Organic Chemistry Professor

  1. Hey Sarah ,

    You did not say your teacher’s name. I wanted to pray for her. How is your teacher doing? I have been praying for your grandma,my Aunt Gerry.

    Love in Christ,
    Your cousin
    Gina Young Wheeler

    • Hey Gina!
      Thank you so much for praying for her in addition to Mammaw! Since I didn’t ask for her permission to write about her situation, I’ll just give you her first name. My wonderful teacher’s name is Debbie. She wasn’t in class again today, so please keep up the prayers! Thanks again so much for praying for her!

      With so much love,
      Sarah 🙂

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