Please Pray for My Role Model

From the same hometown and the same high school, my role model and I both grew up in Brentwood, TN.  Although we never actually met, I’m sure we passed each other in the crowd for the title as “the real “Wood”–the Ravenwood High versus Brentwood High football game.  She went to Ravenwood High School, and I went to Brentwood High.  Had I known then that there was another girl in my midst, a girl living in abandon for Christ, maybe things would be different.  Maybe, I would be with her today, but enough with the “what if” game…

This girl that I’m writing about, her name is Katie Davis, and she is now a missionary in Uganda.  From what I could gather from her blog, Kisses from Katie, Katie moved to Uganda after she graduated from our high school.  In addition, she created a non-profit organization called Amazima, a child sponsorship program that sends children to school, pays for basic medical supplies, and food.  Now as a 21 year-old, she has lived in Uganda for three years now.

Daily, I read her posts of being a mother of 14, adopted children in a home so filled with love for the Lord that the air is saturated with joyful noises and praise.  Her words express everything that I have ever felt but couldn’t express and everything that I hope to experience.  Katie is a symbol of hope that God has given me for a future in mission work.  Oh, how I wish I could be there them…God is always good, though, and I trust that if His will is to send me abroad for mission work, He will do so.

Today, please do me a favor and just read her blog.  Pray for her and her ministries.  Pray with such fervor that even though she is thousands of miles away, she will feel all of our love, prayers, and support even in Uganda.

Kisses from Katie:


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